The Beginnings of BrightWriter

Hello, everyone! For those of you new to BrightWriter, I wanted to provide a bit of background on its origins and goals.

BrightWriter began its life long ago (the late 1990s!) as a separate software project known as EClass. EClass was created to make writing for the web easy for University professors, enabling them to write for online classes or learning modules without having to master an HTML editor or HTML coding. It used a structured format with clean HTML to keep writings working with accessibility tools and to minimize issues with different browsers. We also open-sourced the software, as we believe this tool should be available to everyone to use and improve as they please.

BrightWriter is the natural evolution of that tool, only now with a focus on publishing on mobile, eBook and LMS/MOOC platforms instead of the web. (Though it still does that too, with a new eReader-like interface!) We are working on iOS and Android ports of the app in order to actually allowing one to not only publish to mobile devices but to author and create works on them as well. BrightWriter’s ultimate goal is to apply the coding philosophy of “Write once, read anywhere” to any sort of publication.

We have great plans for BrightWriter, and there is lots more to come! We hope you’ll sign up for our newsletter so that we can keep you updated as we make progress!